Content Service Provider: the Agcom approved the Code of conduct for premium services

15 april 2019

Content Service Provider: the Agcom approved Code of conduct for premium services 

On April 12, 2019, the Agcom issued resolution 108/19/cons related to the Code of conduct for premium services (CASP 4.0).

The premium services, also known as content or value added services, provided through SMS and MMS or through data connection on mobile telecommunications networks (mobile internet), are an integral and relevant part of the communication offer and represent entertainment and utility customemer services.

Premium services include, but are not limited to, the offer of:

 ? logos;

? wallpaper;

? ringtones and video ringtones; ? screensavers;

? games;

? music;

? movies and TV series;

? chat / community;

? news and information services; ? voting;

? applications;

? video;

? other digital content.

Premium services do not include VoIP, MoIP, video call or video conferencing services and any other service that provides voice connectivity via a data connection.

The supply of premium services is subject, under the italian regulatory framework, to specific rules of conduct, in particular to specific standards of transparency and verification of their compliance by the competent supervisory authorities.

Content Service Providers which provide premium services are required to comply with this new Code.

In addition, Operators and content service providers have to send to the Agcom, on a quarterly basis, the information relating to the premium services market, according to the format prepared by the Authority and set out in Annex B. The aforementioned quarterly information is transmitted by the fifteenth day of month following the reference quarter.

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