18 Luglio 2019






We are pleased to announce that Avv. Fabrizio Cugia di Sant'Orsola has been invitated to  attend the first seminar of the ICC Europe Chapter  in Rome, next 18th July at 3.30 pm at the Agcom venue as member of a selected panel of  25 people from different countries in order to discuss the EU’s new telecom regulation known as the ‘European Electronic Communications Code. Representatives from the EU Commission DG Connect, Berec, Agcom, Ofcom, together with academics, companies’ experts and other shareholders are personally invited to participate.

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Vehicle to grid

Vehicle to grid  Pubblicato in G.U.n.37 del 14 Febbraio 2020, il Decreto del Mise 30 gennaio 2020, recante “Criteri e modalita' per favorire la diffusione della tecnologia diintegrazione



Berec: Report on the impact of 5G on regulation and the role of regulation in enabling the 5G ecosystem

In compliance with the task to develop a report that aims to help NRAs for electronic communications anticipate where and how 5G deployment may have an impact on the regulatory environment, and where



Standardisation and the EU Cybersecurity Act

The EU Agency for Cybersecurity publishes two studies related to the domain of standards supporting the Cybersecurity Act and the new Cybersecurity Certification Framework. The EU Cybersecurity Certification