Copyright protection

06 settembre 2018

According to Court of Justice of the European Union, Judgment in Case C-161/17, issued on 7 August 2018,  the posting on a website of a photograph that was freely accessible on another website with the consent of the author requires a new authorization by that author, the Court stated, first of all, that a photograph may be protected by copyright law provided (which is for the national court to ascertain) that it is the intellectual creation of the author reflecting his personality and expressing his free and creative choices in the production of that photograph. 

The Court  affirmed that any use of a work by a third party without such prior consent must be regarded as infringing the copyright of that work. The directive aims to establish a high level of protection for authors, allowing them to obtain an appropriate reward for the use of their works, including on the occasion of communication to the public. 


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