Big data - Interim report in the context of the joint inquiry on “Big data” launched by the AGCOM deliberation No. 217/17 / CONS

06 settembre 2018

On September 5, 2018, the Italian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (Agcom) issued its report in the context of the joint inquiry on “Big data”.

The Reportspart of the work of the aforementioned Joint Sector-Inquiry on Big Data and represents a crucial step, at least an intermediate one, through which we highlight the main problems and opportunities arising from the use of big data, with particular reference to the markets (those of communications) and to subjects (media and political pluralism, consumer protection) of strictly within the institutional competence of Agcom. The temporary report, therefore, is functional to the future work of the ongoing joint investigation, representing indeed a “guide” simultaneously offering tools, mainly economic concepts, and ideas for the identification and dissertation of further aspects in the subsequent phases of the investigation, also in view of the problems observed.

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