Artificial intelligence (AI): call for experts

01 ottobre 2018

On 14 September 2018,  the Ministry of economic development set up a Group of experts for the drafting of an AI National Strategy.

The Ministry of economic development launched  a call for applications for the selection of up to 30 members of a Group of expert for the drafting of a National Strategy on AI.

The Ministry considers a crucial priority for Italy, as the Minister of economic development, Luigi Di Maio, has already mentioned in his programmatic lines, to deepen the knowledge of the AI and the related juridical issues and to boost public and private investments in AI and related technologies. Accordingly with the Salta (RA) G20 Ministerial Declaration, to which Italy took part, and against the background set by the coordinated approach proposed by the European Union, the Ministry sets up a Group of experts, to provide it with its technical and scientific support in the drafting of the AI national strategy, addressing policies and tools in order to improve, coordinate and strengthen the research in the AI field; promoting public and private investments in AI, also benefitting from the dedicated EU funds; attract talents and develop business in the field of AI; encourage the development of the data-economy, paying particular attention to the spreading and valorisation of non-personal data, adopting the better standards of interoperability and cybersecurity; a comprehensive review of the legal framework with specific regard to safety and responsibility related to AI-based products and services; conduct analysis and evaluations of the socio-economic impact of development and widespread adoption of AI-based systems, along with proposals for tools to mitigate the encountered issues. In order to ensure a holistic and multi-perspective approach to the AI topic, the Group, chaired by the Minister of economic development or his delegate, will be composed by: ten representing enterprises operating in the field of AI; ten representing research centres, academics, think-thanks; ten representing the labour market, the professions, the third sector, the consumers and in general the civil society; Minister’s representatives. To ensure full transparency and to be able to benefit from the contribution of all the interested stakeholders, the AI National strategy, once drafted, will be submitted to a public consultation. For more information on the application procedure the call for applications and the format for the application are available on the Ministry of economic development website Applications must be sent via mail using the format available, by the midnight of 15 October 2018.

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